Love transcends all boundaries. Today, we live in a more open society, one that has become more attuned to accept differences, especially when it comes to issues concerning gays and lesbians. Let’s face it, the world has changed dramatically, from one that was intolerant of same-sex love, to one that accepts same-sex marriages. Decades ago, this topic would be considered taboo, with many people preferring to stay hidden, under the cover of normalcy.

However, the situation today is quite different, as many gays have literally ‘come out’ and openly declared their sexual preferences. And, society no longer frowns as it once did. Indeed, today, the number of gay couples travelling together, without hiding themselves from public censure, has increased manifold. Most major cities now boast of gay-friendly hotel, that cater exclusively to guys who love each other and want to see the world in each other’s company. According to the latest inputs from sites like, major tourist spots across the world, no longer exercise discriminatory practices towards the LGBT community.

However, it would be foolhardy to assume that every single human being in this world wholeheartedly accepts the concept of LGBT. There are still places, where the LGBT community members are advised to exercise caution while visiting, as these regions might be culturally sensitive to such ideas, that they would term ‘radical’. Such areas have strict notions of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, and it would be wise to either refrain or be extremely careful while visiting.

Thus, it would be wise to take a look at the list of tips we have compiled, before undertaking a journey. Use the ideas that have been briefly outlined below, while planning for a trip to lands that have not been visited before.

Tip Number 1: Use Known LGBT websites or support groups while booking reservations
This is one of the most easiest, yet often overlooked tip that has been come across. Most people prefer making ticket and hotel reservations through the usual websites like, etc. This is a standard procedure, of course, but is often fraught with unforeseen eventualities. LGBT support sites are well-tuned to handle the problems that may creep up during a trip. And the advice they offer will be of paramount importance. So, keep an eye on such sites while planning a trip.

Tip Number 2: Search and select gay-friendly hotels for staying. As said earlier, most cities now offer accommodations specifically meant for gay couples. And, the times have indeed changed, as these places are no longer the dingy and disgusting motels of yore! Most gay-friendly hotels offer the same range of exclusive facilities, that would be provided at regular hotels in the city. Make sure to check the ratings of these hotels on popular travel sites, as well as sites dedicated to the LGBT community, before finalising the booking.

Tip Number 3: Try to choose locations that actually support the LGBT community. Look for places that conduct Gay-Pride festivals and marches, LGBT film festivals, etc. Gay-friendly tourist spots will often have cafes and bistros dedicated to serving members of the community.

Travelling as a gay couple is an experience that must not be missed. Just make sure you have fun responsibly!

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